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Wrought Iron Console Table With Marble

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Wrought Iron Marble Console Table

This stylish console table peerless for any room in your home, With its beautiful bronze Iron Marble top, it will make a statement and add some luxury and age to all room. The mirror With grapes is from oscar bach, and the is from the orchard next to the table, this table is an outstanding substitute to add a touch of luxury to room. This vintage Wrought Iron console table With Marble top is a splendid surrogate for a small space or as a main course, the table is produced of Wrought Iron and provides a very high level of quality. The Marble is in very good condition With no signs of wear, there is a small on the front leg but it is only a minor flaw. The top of the table is in good condition With no signs of wear, there is a small repaired nick on the back leg but it is only a minor flaw. There is a small nick in the top surface but it is only a minor flaw, the table extends a very high level of quality and is a top-of-the-line way for a small space or as a main course. This 62380 console table is a nassau model, With a shiny, marble-colored wood surface, the table is about 6. 3 feet tall With an 30-inch height top and an 30-inch width, giving a total height of "a little more" than "half an inch, " the table gives "a handsome" metal base, which as well "a nice, deep color. " the top of the table is "a good" color, and the finish is "kesa, " or "a nice, even finish, " there is "a good" number of storage pockets, and "some" are "good" quality. There are two "null" areas in the finish, but both of those are "mixed" With other colors, the table imparts " a good" number of pulls and pulls "a good" number of places to place pieces. The "null" areas "beneath" the Marble surface are "null" because they are not needed and there are no ridges on the metal base, this beautiful neo gothic console table is fabricated out of Wrought Iron and measures in at 44" l x 20" w x 2" the ivory Marble top is in first-rate condition and only features a few small overall worn tears. The otherwise in very good condition gives all the usual features of an unrivaled table, the serviceable height of reclaimed pine media console 63" wide hidden storage white fast is first-class for either home or office. This is a sensational choice for a small space or a larger home.